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I bet you like black too” he said with a wink Taxista uber me rompio.

He didn’t waste any time with asking if she was comfortable as he pulled his sticky finger from her now ragged hole, he just bent both her legs back over his wide shoulders and forced the swollen knob of his big cock past her cunt lips and started fucking inch after inch of his long shaft up her
BlowPass Official - Taty Purple Sleep With Stepfather Skillful Sucking Stay In Sports Shop 1

BlowPass Official – Taty Purple Sleep With Stepfather Skillful Sucking Stay In Sports Shop

The two daughters, who I will refer to as step sisters just to make it easy were Tina and Jessica, She seemed into it now and said yes….

BlowPass Official - Taty Purple Sleep With Stepfather Skillful Sucking Stay In Sports Shop 2

BlowPass Official – Taty Purple Sleep With Stepfather Skillful Sucking Stay In Sports Shop

After what seemed like a long orgasm Summer became so aggressively horny she took control and pushed me on to my furiously rubbing

her clit asking me if im ready to eat lick her out now i was in so much ecstasy i couldn't wait i moved my head between her legs and

slid a finger in her fuck hole while lapping my tongue at the wettest part of her pussy following this i swapped positions shoving my

tongue deep inside her while rubbing her clit Summer moaned “yes right there keep going” she looked like she was about to burst

from the circular motions of my tongue and finger i continued going at a fast pace , her pussy became more wetter by my touch a

river of her cum made its way along my tongue down my throat as she orgasmed into my face her cum tasted much more sweeter

than her boyfriends cum i think i like the taste of hers better,

After minutes of watching my best friend fucking her boyfriend her boyfriend grabbed her hips and slammed her down

deep on his cock and began to let out a little growl , Summer had a look of relief go across her face and rose up and saw

her pussy was filled with cum it started to dribble down her leg she caught the stream of cum with her finger and licked

up all the cum from her finger she then came over to me asking if i liked what i saw obviously judging by the wetness of

my pussy i definitely did but me being so shy all i couldn't say much just stare Summer looked at me and randomly swiped

my pantie covered pussy under my skirt on brought her hand to her mouth she giggled and said to me im wet im still stunned

by her doing what she did along with her just being creampied right in front of me i snapped back to reality when Summer was

waving her hands in front me i was so out of it i dont know if its me being drunk or being extremely horny perhaps both Piper led

me to her bed and asked me if i wanted to experience the pleasure of sex , again i was stunned but this time confidence overtook

me and i nodded Summer lent over to her boyfriend muttered something to him then he walked out the room this time his friend

Jason came in by himself and sat next to us Summer was rubbing his inner thigh and grasping the bulge in his pants and asked me

if i thought Jason was hot i again nodded she reached into his undies and pulled out his 6 inch cock slightly smaller and thinner than

her boyfriends i kept looking around waiting for her boyfriend to come in and catch her out she looked at me telling me not to worry

explaining she has threesomes with Jason and her boyfriend all the time even hook up together on their own, again here i am even

more stunned to the MAX , Summer placed my hand on his cock moving it in an up and down motion oh my god im touching a real

dick so many thoughts blew around my mind , Summer began to caress my boobs and pulling my top half clothes of then firmly grabbing

my bare boobs my boobs she took my nipples into her mouth this really added to the dampness to my pussy my panties were

definitely soaked Summer noticed Jason was enjoying my hand going up and down his shaft his cock was squirming this caught

Summers attention she guided me over to my knees and beckoned Jason to stand up so that his weist was in line with my mouth

i looked at his cock staring at me i knew i was gonna have to put his penis in my mouth i had my lips not far from the head of his

cock i literally had no idea how to start this Summer took hold of Jason's cock and guided it to my lips and signalled me to close

my eyes and open my mouth i could feel something warm and smooth enter my mouth as it drew to the back of my throat

i locked my lips around his shaft finally! i thought , i finally have dick in my mouth my confidence skyrocketed before i knew it i

was bobbing my head up and down on his dick like a pro , out the corner of

my eye i could see Piper fingering her cum filled pussy in the corner of the room the image of her best friend sucking dick must

really be making her horny

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